[SELLING] Beacons

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  1. I have a set of 3 beacons that I would like to get money off! here are the prices

    1 Beacon = 18K
    2 Beacons = 36K
    3 Beacons = 54K

    If the edit button does pop up on here I will be able to control who takes what. But anyways, let the buys begin! If you want to get the beacons, just message me in the comments and I will tell you the place to get them, but come prepared, and no scammers or stealers allowed!
  2. Just a note, beacons are going for 17-19k at the moment max
  3. Okay, changed the prices so it is a little more fair(er).
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  4. I'll buy all 3 beacons :)

    I'll pay you asap
  5. OKay, meet me at smp8, res 16826, and go behind the wooden house, there you will find a shop sign with the beacons in it.
  6. Picked up and thank you pascal1881 for buying my bacons!