[Selling] Beacons

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  1. Hey guys,
    I'm selling beacons at 3333 on smp2 for 9,500r per.
    Head on over to smp2 and check it out!
    Current Stock: 40
  2. Price reduced to 9.5k per :)
  3. I like beacons :p
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  4. i have been looking everywhere fr them
  5. Bought Four of 'em!

  6. All sold out, thanks to everyone who bought them. Watch this thread if you are interested in buying some?
    I will post here when I stock them.
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  7. noooo lol XD
  8. Sorry I haven't restocked In a while, but I just did a major restock.
  9. How many? ;3
  10. 40 at the moment
  11. Bought 9. Thanks :D
  12. And another 11.
  13. Can I buy them all from you?

    How many do you have left?
  14. Leave 4 for me please! I can send payment around 4pm EMC time. Also doing the math he should have 20 left.
  15. All sold out guys, sorry :(