[SELLING] Beacons

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  1. I am selling beacons right now for 9,000 rupees per. Message me when I am online if you are interested in buying one, or all of my beacons that I am selling. Thanks!
  2. Pretty Cheap, I shall get one if I am seeing you :)
  3. I would take one, can you reserve one for me till I can go online?
  4. How many do you got?
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  5. Well, after I sell one to both ScarTheNinja and Lukas3226, I will have five more that I want to get rid of.
  6. I will buy one on fri or sat
  7. I will pay 10k if you hold it for a little while.
  8. i would like 2 for 18k
  9. ill buy one
  10. do you have any left if u do ill take 1
  11. nvm scratch that yeah i want one