[SELLING] Beacons

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  1. I'm selling some Beacons at residence 404 in SMP 1. Currently I have 4, but hopefully will have some more soon! I'm selling them for 10,500 rupees. Hope to see these go quickly :D
  2. These be some good beacons!
  3. Yah guys these r som gooooood beacons
  4. Would you be able to negotiate prices? How about 12k?
  5. I'm not really looking to lower them, sorry. If I were the only one getting the money then sure, but we're dividing it equally so our price is firm. Good luck finding one though!
  6. Could you agree to lower it?
  7. We will not lower the price, sorry. The money is being divided among 5 people, so sorry.
  8. I think we gots all these in stock still guys! BUY NOW OR ELSE..... (JK)
  9. Bump. Lowered the price to 12k
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  11. I recently updated the price. If he's still interested he gets a notification.
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  12. I am definitely interested. thanks facu and Crazy.