[Selling] Beacons

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  1. I am selling 3 beacons for 21k each. My res number is 6681. If somebody want one and cant pay or think is expensive please pm me to agree a price (I Also accept goods). Please if You are interested, pm me to negotiate
  2. Price reduced to 25k due to lack of offers
  3. I'm looking for price of in between 20,000 and 22,500 for a beacon. With it, I would put it on the top of my castle which is my entire residence once it's finished. Finally, which SMP server is your residence located? Mine is SMP 5.
  4. Never mind, I just brought one of your beacons.
  5. Ok thnx for buying
  6. bump just 1 left!
  7. Just 1 left!
  8. I sold them all but I will have 2 more. This ones will be with a reduced price. Around 23-24k
  9. I have 2 more for 23k!!! Come on!
  10. Earlier you said it was 23k. Then you said you lowered it to 25k....
  11. I changed now is 23k. Wanna buy?
  12. No I am pretty poor at the moment I was just wondering how in the first post you said it was 23k but then because of lack of offers raised the price by 2k to 25k.
  13. So nobody is buying?
  14. Come on just 1 left! Price lowered to 21k!!