[Selling]beacons skulls gold iron quarts

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  1. I'm going to move and up grade my shop so i'm having a sale :)

    Beacon- 8.5k each (two in stock) Sold out
    Wither skull- 2.8k each (14 in stock) 11 left
    Gold- 8r per ingot (SC in stock)
    Iron- 40r per 16 ingots {2.5r per ingot} (SC in stock)
    Quarts ore- 16 per ore (SC in stock)
    Gunpowder- 5r per (DC in stock)
    Stone/Stone brick- 50r per stack (DC of each in stock)
    Cobble- 18r per stack (DC in stock)
    All Logs- 100r per stack (around DC of each)

    smp9 19472 or /v darkvilla :D
  2. any chance of getting the beacon for 8k?