[SELLING] Beacons at /v +JK SMP8

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  1. Hello,
    Beacons are now for sale at my res on SMP8
    /v +JK

    They presently sell for 16,000 rupees.

    Thanks for looking.
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  2. bump
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  3. Update: Price per beacon is now reduced to 15k.
  4. /v +JK?
    JK= just kidding

    Are you actually selling beacons? :p
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  5. Bought a couple beacons, thanks & Cool shop design:)
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  6. Beacons sold out.
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  7. Hi all, they sold pretty quickly. Thanks to all who bought them. I'll repost when I have it restocked!
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  8. Many thanks!! Much appreciated!
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  9. Sorry, they sold fast, I'll get more in there and will repost. Thank you for the message.
  10. Thanks jhtk01 :) I bought 1
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