[Selling] Beacons at 10500

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  1. Selling beacons for 7700r at res 10500 on SMP5. Pretty self explanatory.
    Also now selling Exp Bottles at 10500! 20r each!
    Current Beacon stock: Sorry! Out for now! Check back soon :)
    Current Exp Bottle stock: 5 Stacks
    Get 'em while they last!
  2. Samsimx bought 5, stock is now at 8.
  3. Shtap! You're ruining my economy! ;_;
  4. I got 25 Nether Stars from a single ICC event. #BlameTheCow
  5. Stock is now *temporarily* depleted.
  6. Now selling Exp Bottles too!
  7. 25 nether stars from one ICC event? and they are complaining about items being too cheap while they at the same time are flowing the market with free valuable items?
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