[Selling] Beacons and Vault vouchers!

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  1. Hello, today i am selling this items :D

    2 Vault Vouchers: 9750r each.

    If you are interested in buying this items, plz pm or comment in the thread :D. Thnx for your time :D.
  2. Can i buy all the beacons for 20k?
  3. 21.500r, and deal
  4. 21k and its a deal ;)
  5. Ok :D, plz pay me, and then i will set up a access chest in 14837 in smp7 :D.
  6. Bump, very cheap vault vouchers!!!
  7. ill buy both vault vouchers
  8. Darn, i wanted to buy a vault voucher >.<
  9. Plz pay the r, after that I will set up a access chest in smp7 res 14837.
  10. ok payed 19, 500 for the 2 vault vouchers, tell me when you set up an access chest :)
  11. Go to my res. The access chest is ready :D.
  12. picked up thanks :)
  13. Thnx crabcakes, this thread is close :D.