[Selling] Beacons - 10k each

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  1. CLOSED - Everything sold, thanks everyone :)
  2. Normally i wouldnt bump within such a short time, but this is a good night bump.
  3. 8 left. I'm surprised i still have so many in stock lol.. Is 10k too expensive? :D
  4. 5 left in stock. I would sell 5 at a discount for 40k if anyone is interested :)
  5. Save 1 for me please
  6. Sure, it'll be at 7259. But i will release it back to the public if you dont buy in 48 hours
  7. That makes two for me, great deal thanks :)
    Considering I got my first for free, I'm doing pretty good lol
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  8. Thanks for buying :)
    Bump 3 left!
  9. if you can do a deal for 9800r il take it if not, il just have to wait a couple of hrs
  10. Sure, i'll be at 7259
  11. All the beacons sold! Thanks to everyone who bought!