[Selling] Beacon

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  1. Beacons 16.5k pm if u want to buy one on forums or in game
  2. 3,500 for 1
  3. no way
  4. sold 2 so far
  5. oh sorry i thought it was a auction. then 10k pm me if you want to work up
  6. 12k a deal?
  7. soz too low guys i have been selling them for 20k mark
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  8. I can give you 4k... and a cake!
  9. looking for serious offers plz
    anything near 20k plz
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  10. bump now selling them for 16.5k!
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  11. It said its not an auction. So dont "bid" here. Beacons go for 16k-21k, more or less in that range. I would suggest if you want a beacon, buy it here. These things dont get much cheaper.
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  12. bump i have 2 left
  13. Y U bumping?
  14. arh i dont know

    maybe i want people too see the thread?
  15. Plz read Justin's post, stating bumping is illegal in none auction post