(SELLING) Beacon

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  1. Hi i'm selling a beacon if u want it then post if u don't want please don't post at all.
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  2. how much??
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  3. around 20k
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  4. no thx then
  5. Tip: try auctioning it.
  6. I would give you 5k for it.
  7. I will give You 10k
  8. thats way too cheap
  9. dito :D
  10. How bout 2000r that's how much I have ;)
  11. Just sold to a guy 20000 but ill hunt for wither skulls with my friend until we get 3 then we will kill the wither and make a beacon of anyone wanna buy for 19000 (will take about 2-4 days to get beacon)
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