[Selling] Beacon

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  1. Hey guys!!!! I'm selling a beacon for 20k. If you have a different price in mind, please start a conversation with me and I will tell you if I will sell it for that price.I will comment once I sell the beacon.
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  2. No one is interested in buying this beacon?
  3. I'd try 25k. Most sell for around 22-24k in shops I know.
    Good luck.
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  4. all right thanks Ill change it
  5. I sell in 6681
  6. That's just not cool man... Don't advertise your shop here.
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  7. Guys we're all friends here, no need to get feisty.
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  8. Got it
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  9. 20k beacon guys
  10. i could waste the rest of my money on a second beacon
  11. There is an auction for 2 beacons in 37k. Not over yet
  12. 18k and its a deal!
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  13. Would you do 19k?
  14. Wow if i had the money i would buy that
  15. i bought like 7 beacons now for 15k-16k
  16. I like even numbers 18k xD
  17. lol ok you win upon payment i will set up an access chest at 4262 on smp2
  18. It's not even an auction xD