[ SELLING ] Beacon

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  1. I am selling a beacon from 45k, if you would like to purchase one, come to SMP7 Residence #14664.

  2. there going for 20-35k now :( sorry
  3. 38K for mine.
  4. i bought 2 of mine for 26k each
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  5. Selling price is now 35k!
  6. Keep coming down pricetag... That's it, that's it! :p
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  7. They go for 25k each so
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  8. 30k! Take it or leave it! =P
  9. just go on every server and ask everyone there than hopefully u will find someone that will buy one
  10. i'll take it for 28k but you have to move it to smp 9..
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  11. To the wild?
  12. What is this, a reverse auction?
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  13. nah, my res is on smp9 :p
  14. or if you're meaning that you're in the wild on smp9 you can transfer it to smp4 and we can trade off there if you accept my offer.
  15. Ill buy it for 30k Pig
  16. I thought you were in the wild on SMP9 :p
    I can bring it to your residence, just make me a chest and pay tomorrow! :)

    Since Monster came up to the offer first, he will get it. Sorry.
  17. no sir, i'm in the wild on smp 7 :).
    i'll send you funds tonight and give you build perms so you can just set it wherever :p
  18. p.s. and thank you for the fantastic customer service! :D
  19. Alright thanks! :)
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