(Selling) Beacon

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  1. Beacon 40k or best offer.

    Pm me if you have another offer.
    I may consider rupees + diamonds trading.
  2. Price lowered
  3. I have only 477 rupees, i will pay all I have for it, unless i get it from someone else
  4. I'm going to go out on a guess and say that he won't accept that offer.
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  5. This beacon is awesome people! Trust me I googled it.
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  6. i now have 927 rupees total which i will pay for the beacon
  7. lol. so your counter offer is 927. I'll counter with 36k and a stack of diamonds :D
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  8. I dont have that much money and I dont have any diamonds
  9. Oooh, don't get ahead of yourself there mate, you don't want to have too much money.
  10. Then unless someone is idiotic enough to sell you one for that price you're out of luck.
    And anyways, even if you did buy this, do you have the pyramid to put it on?
  11. I dont have to tell you that
  12. but, yes I do. it isn't built, but it is ready to be constructed
  13. Says he doesn't have to tell me,
    tells me anyway.
  14. If you haven't sold it already, I'd like to buy it
  15. cool meet me at/on smp 4 8981
  16. Is there, perhaps, another server that I could meet you on? I'm quite far out in the wild on 4 lol
  17. you tell me which one :)
  18. SMP1 if that's possible for you :)
    edit: res 2417
  19. Is anyone else interested in buying a beacon for 40k?