[Selling Beacon and one wither skull]

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  1. i have one beacon and one wither skull for sale. pm if u want with a reasonable offer otherwise i might not accept. no pms with "1r lol" or something like that. you can either get the beacon and the wither skull or just one or another
  2. oh and ps i have 2 wither skulls acually just killed another one and got one!!!
    jk i bought it
  3. ok 37k for beacon and skulls
  4. anybody want it??? if so pm me
  5. anyone??? cuz if u dont want the skulls i guess ill just throw them in lava... hhaa
  6. i will buy all your skulls for 1k each so they don't get thrown in lava
  7. i dont know what they are... im not familar with the 1.4 update
  8. 3k each for skulls
  9. no thanks terry or coffe