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  1. Hi, there!
    I have started a business which is selling banners. I have only basic skills currently, so I will offer cheap prices (I think). You can choose order from my current catalogue. Plain coloured banners cost 25 rupees and a design costs 125 rupees. I hope to upload a new design about once every two days. I have implemented a maximum of 1 order on designs and 16 on plain colours. I may add letters sooner or later...
    Current catalogue:
  2. what form do I enter my order in?
  3. Oops, I forgot that! Say:
    • The flag(s) you want
    • The quantity(ies) you want
    • The overall price
  4. Bump! Added the Union Jack banner and a guardian banner!!
  5. Bump! Added the Jamaican flag banner!
  6. Bumpety Bumpelskin!
  7. Bumpety bumple hole!
  8. UK flag still there?
  9. Do you take custom orders?
  10. Yes, it is.
    I could try, do you want to be my lab rat? I'll give it to you for free, if it works out or not.
  11. I don't mind paying :p I want a bunny:

    It's my Optifine cape <3
  12. Ok. I'll have a go
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  13. Gimme a price afterwards and I'll happily pay!
  14. You've got skill, Can we get in contact for a custom one?
  15. If it works for nfell2009 and I don't utterly fail, ok!
  16. Sweet, Let me know. I've got a design in mind.