[Selling] Bacon

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  1. Hello. I am selling Bacon for 4k each. So get your Bacon Today!

    I DO NOT MEAN BEACONS I mean Bacon!!!

  2. dats pork
  3. Bacon comes from Piggehs
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  4. I WANT BACON!!!!!!!
  5. 4k?!?!?!?
  6. Lol you just used an anvil to rename pork bacon!
  7. Jeanzl, Jeanzl, Jeanzl...

    I've been hard at work on a double chest of pork with the intent to auction it to play on the Beacon/Bacon joke, and now you've destroyed my dream.




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  8. xD

    Well I'm Sorry but I'm not the only one to blame. Theres like 10 people who are selling Bacon on smp1 and believe it or not they are being sold out withing seconds.
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