[Selling] Axes - For Woodcutting

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  1. I am selling enchanted axes that are used for cutting down trees.
    These axes are diamond, and are Efficiency III Unbreaking III.

    I have more than I could ever imagine, so if interested please post below and I will deliver them to you or setup a payment sign on my residence.

    I am asking 1500 each.

    I am asking that much because I have yet to see anyone selling axes, and it is one of the best axes you can get. (Silk Touch and Fortune do not apply because they do not affect woodcutting)
  2. I'd buy Silk touch I Efficiency IV Unbreaking III axe for that.
  3. Silk Touch on an axe does nothing, thus rendering it useless.

    I have not seen any shops or any people selling enchanted axes so prices obviously would be a bit high.
  4. Actually, you can get mycel, leaves, glass, mushroom parts, and various other things with silk touch anything, Fortune is the only this that is useless on anything but a pickaxe.
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  5. But, the problem with that is that axes take much longer to break/mine items than a pickaxe would.
  6. I got 2 of those for free once. :p Sorry.
  7. i would buy them, but frankly, i don't need them. lol
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  8. I have nearly a chest full of them, lol.
  9. I suggest you hold a auction for these.
  10. May I ask how that would be beneficial? Sorry, I've been here just a few days so I am still adjusting to everything.
  11. an auction. You can hold an auction, give a starting bid amount, a minumun bid incrament, and when it will end (ex. 24hrs after last bid) and people can bid on it and the highest bid gets the items for the price :)
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  12. I like to buy axes, and if the price were lower, I would snag a bunch. But 1500 a pop is far too rich for my tastes.
  13. If I was still gold (was earlier today) I would buy them.