[Selling] Avalauncher & Blizz Ard nose!

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  1. Avalauncher: 320k
    Blizz Ard nose:245k
    Please post any offers you may have!
    I am trying to sell these asap so they may not be here very long.
  2. 100r lol thats all i got
  3. W
    Lets keep this thread on topic ;)
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  4. I've sold a few of these and Blizz is usually around 200-225k and Avalauncher is under 250k from what I've seen.
    Not at all trying to tell you what to sell these for, just in case you get no takers. :)
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  5. Thanks, I do also accept offers. Would you be interested?
  6. Avalauncher price lowered
  7. At this time, no. Trying to save up for a few things :p