[Selling/ Auction] - THREE Prime Res's

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I am back, and for my next project I am going to have to have 4 res's right next to each other. In order to do this I am going to have to give up my current res's on a few of my accounts.

    These res's are right in front of the spawn buildings. There is one in front of the smp5, smp6 and utopia spawns.

    I thought why just unclaim a prime res, when I can sell them and use the money for the next build.

    These res's are considered to be "prime" as they are right near where new player/ old players spawn. Because of this your builds will be highly visible and will attract a alot of attention.

    It is with a heavy heart that I am selling these, but it is a must if I am to get onto building my next epic build.

    How this will work:

    ~ I have a price in mind for each. I will keep this quiet for the time being and would like to ask that if you are interested PLEASE PM ME your offer NOT mt alt account. This is not going to be a public auction. It will be at my descretion whether to accept an offer or not.

    ~ There will be nothing on the res, just the res itself. Once payment is made, a time can be set for the unclaiming and claiming of the res.

    The pic's of the Res's:

    SMP6 (Owned by one of my alt accounts):
    smp6 1.JPG


    UTOPIA (Owned by one of my alt accounts):

    You can see in the pics that all the res's are indeed infront of the spawn buildings.

    Without further a due, let the offers commence!
  2. Is the Utopia one The Dragonia or the one next to it?
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  3. Its the dragonia one :)
  4. Nice :) How mutch are you expecting
  5. Would rather keep that bellow the waterline for now :)
  6. I do not believe you can legally sell residences to other players, as far as I have seen/heard.
  7. Well, a few things in response to you rob.

    I am doing the sale semi privately. The forums are just an advertising tool. It is no different to a player asking me to buy my res off me. This forum post was merely made to make people aware that the res's are open for purchase.

    What you can't do is sell residences with stuff on them, and have that stuff remain on the res once the owners are switched. I see no problem in selling a res with NOTHING on it.
  8. I know. What I am saying is that, if I recall correctly, it is illegal to sell your residence to others.
  9. I believe that is correct, but I could use another res.

    I'm gonna wait for an Admin to clear this up, if it is fine, Smp6: 5000
  10. Technically he isn't selling his res he is just selling the location. Once he is paid he unclaims the res for them and it is then their res to claim or not. This is completely different to selling a residence which is illegal but selling a location IS allowed!
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  11. I don't even see it as selling a location. The OP can unclaim his residence any time he pleases, and anyone can claim an open residence. The exchange of rupees is to guarantee that he coordinate the timing with someone.
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  12. I don't know if there's some change between now and then, but I auctioned off the front lot for SMP8, and it was allowed. This was when SMP8 came out, but still, I can't see that there would be an issue with it now.
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  13. I see nothing wrong with it guys. And there is no written rule that I am breaking that prohibits me from doing this. LOOK if you are not interested in buying one of these res's then politely gtfo!
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  14. Lol.

    Also, you can SELL pretty much anything on the forums. The issue comes up with AUCTIONING stuff. And considering I AUCTIONED mine, surely you can SELL yours.
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  15. I didnt know what to call it, so I called titled it selling/ auction.

    I guess I will sell them then.

    30k each for the smaller res's

    50k for the utopian res.

    First come first serve. PM me if you are interested.
  16. so your the empireshop account owner??? mystery solved.
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  17. That mystery was solved a while ago XD
  18. Woo you can see my smp6 res (the sandstone pryamid) :D
  19. What I'm personally not okay with is selling "permission" ownership to a res. If he were to say, take rupees from someone and JUST give them build/container/use etc. flags, that could lead to issues. If he takes rupees for it, then UNCLAIMS it so the buyer can claim it as their own, that's okay.
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  20. And the later is exactly what I am doing :)