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  1. Yea, sooo the auction that I had on these items didn't work out :

    Items :
    x1 Diamond Sword Knockback II Bane of Arthropods V
    x1 Diamond Pickaxe Unbreaking III Efficiency IV
    x1 Diamond Axe Unbreaking III Efficiency IV
    x1 Diamond Shovel Unbreaking III
    x1 Bow Power IV
    27 Stacks of Slime Balls
    18 Stacks of Blaze Rods
    Music Disc Stal
    Music Disc Blocks
    Music Disc Far
    Music Disc Strad

    Now im asking 75k for it, no bidding, first come, first served.

    I just really need to money, and I wanna get rid of it.

    The price CAN be negotiable.
  2. reduced price to 70k.
  3. Wow. I almost want to buy it. When i get enough money ill buy it.
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  4. lowered price to 68k
  5. Lowered price to 66k.
  6. My calculator says this is all good prices but im like oh idk 40k short
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  7. I calculated it by using this method :
    Slime balls :
    64 x 40 = 2560
    2560 x 27 = 69120

    Blaze rods :
    64 x 10 = 640
    640 x 18 = 11520

    Encahnts :
    for all = 7000

    Total price :
    69120 + 11520 + 7000 = 87 , 640 rupees
  8. raising price to 80k, because I dont wanna be ripped off.
  9. I liked this better.
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  10. Fines. For you it will be 75k.
  11. Why is it different in my quote and yours? I like mine a lot better.
  12. Okay, im totally confused here now MAEC. Are you interested in buying or not?
  13. Yea COUGH 5K COUGH
  14. Items have been reserved. Not for sale anymore.