[Selling] Assorted Promos

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  1. I'm Selling some of my Promos that have been collecting dust in my vault
    Here is what i have up for grabs, prices can be negotiable :

    EMC Treasure Voucher 15k : x1
    Empire Firework I-day 10k : x1
    I-Day Firework 10k : x1
    Empire Firework 2013 edition 10k : x3
    Turkey Slicer 15k : x3
    Holiday Pick 20k : x2
    Ore Buster 50k : x1
    Marlix's Chestplate 80k : x1
    Momentus's Toothpick 15k : x1
    Stable Voucher 10k :x1
    Rudolph Christmas Horse UNUSED 20k : x2
    Second Chance Book signed by Empire Minecraft 3k : x2
    Labor Bench 7k : x1

    PM me or post if you are interested!
  2. Hmmm, I might take on of those Second chance books :D
  3. Save me the EMC tres dure voucher, plz :D???
  4. ill buy momentus toothpick, let me know when / where
  5. Ore buster please :D I will pay after class today.
  6. Just pay me and an access chest will be set up on res 303 :)

    If you're still interested go ahead and pay me and an access chest will be set up at res 303 :)

    Where? res 303, when? as soon as i have gotten payment an access chest will be set up on res 303 :)

    I will be expecting your payment! :)
  7. Reserve this for me please :)
  8. I cant get on right now - but can you save the toothpick? will pay when i get on
  9. Reserved! same thing goes, once I've gotten payment you'll be able to pick up at res 303!

    Thats fine, I've reserved it for you
  10. I'll take the labor day bench off your hands. :)
  11. I will pay you in 2 hours
  12. Save me a second chance book please?
  13. paid, let me know when access chest is ready
  14. All yours once payment is received :)

    Of course i can!

    Chest is ready :)
  15. Payment sent.
  16. Paid please mail me the item :)
  17. Second Chance Book Please
  18. I'll take both holiday picks