[SELLING] Assorted Promo's and Rares

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  1. Here's a List of what i got reply or PM with an offer!
    1 Empire Firework (2014)
    1 Independence Day Firework (2015)
    4 Taste The Freedom Steaks
    1 2015 EMC Birthday Cake
    1 IceCreamCow Skin
    1 beacon
    2 Stable Vouchers
  2. Is the Second Chance Book that you have the old version or the new version? The new version has an orange name, I believe :)
  3. what is a second chance book
  4. If u get banned and they bring u back u get one
  5. So, my question? :p
  6. Lol right it's orange print
  7. Second chance book is sold
  8. ham hacker is sold
  9. do you want the old one, i have it
  10. I've got the old one, but thanks :D I bought his new one off of him too so I have both now :)
  11. i would love the old i how much?
  12. Talk to me in private, i have one laying around