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  1. 2013-06-08_12.01.38.png
    I am selling all of the items above, The book is a Fortune III.
    Selling the WHOLE CHEST, I wont sell specific items you have to buy the whole thing.
    I am currently asking 1K - Price Negotiable. First offer gets it.
  2. Price lowered to 1K
  3. Ill buy it, I'll come bye late Sunday or Monday. On vacation sorry :l
  4. Alright, After you pay I'll set up a chest @ 9373 on smp4
  5. Got it. One request, when I pick it up, the stuff I leave can you just get rid of it?
  6. Sure
  7. Those hoppers and magma creams and gunpowder and book are the things that made me buy it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.