[Selling] Assorted Enchanted Diamond Tools

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  1. Hey folks. I've decided that I have too many enchanted tools, and some of these (okay, at least half) are fail enchants that I can't be bothered to upgrade. If you don't see a price beside the tool, that's because I have no idea what to charge or I'm looking for offers. All prices are negotiable, if you feel they're too expensive let me know. :)

    NOTE: If you're wanting to buy all of it, just copy and paste my list and add your price. If you're only wanting to buy certain things, tell me what they are and how much you're offering per tool. Thanks guys!

    So here it all is:

    Diamond Picks:

    Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV x6 (Asking 1500r per pick)
    Unbreaking III, Efficiency V x2 (Asking 1800r per pick)
    Unbreaking III, Efficiency III, Fortune II x1
    Efficiency IV, Fortune III x1
    Fortune II x1 (Barely used)

    Diamond Shovels:

    Unbreaking III, Efficiency V, Fortune III x5
    Silk Touch x1

    Diamond Axes:

    Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV, Silk Touch x2 (Barely Used)
    Fortune III x1 (Barely used)
    Fortune II, Efficiency IV x1