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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell news! I'm going to start my own Art Gallry in this post! (Btws, I'm doing this on my iPad). So, you tell me what you want me to draw, I'll put the link in the thread, and you can see it!

    This does cost an amount of ruppes. It's about 1,500R. PM me for more details.

    I'm selling some right now! Here are the links!:
    (Coming Soon)

    I hope you like them :). Also, you can PM me for more information on this Art Gallery. :) I'm glad to help.
    Edit: NOTE: These are hand drawn! Please make sure you know that! These are not made on a computer.
    Also, this may be cancled on day because needed.


    EDIT: Skins will be given August 31st due to time. (They may be started then). HelloKittyRo is busy. Also, please give her a copy of your MC skin if thats what you want her to make.
  2. Comment for links to photos people wanted. (Reserevd)
  3. Draw my name (Rupees) and my skin :D
  4. What's that supposed to mean?
  5. He wants a picture of his current skin, and at the top "Rupees", Im guessing=P

    Id like my skin riding on a llama, with "ww2fan168" at the top :p
  6. Was reserving my spot :p
  7. Great! Orders will come in when the Supporter thing is done :). (I'm working on that right now, sorry).
  8. I want a picture if my skin, With ShyguytheGamer1 written across the skin, and I am sharpening my diamond sword on a brick
  9. I can't do the brick and the sword.. I'm not good at that. But I can do your skin.
  10. Okay, just the skin and name, and if you can do a minecraft background with a doge, That will be good, and put in the background a unicorn eating a taco :)
  11. Can't do animals either :/. But I can make a pretty mc backround..
  12. Okay, let's go with all of that :)
  13. Ok, thanks for making this easy :)
  14. He wants it to look similar to that but hand-drawn.
  15. Ding Ding Ding
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  16. K.