[SELLING] Another Enraged Gaurdian Egg

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  1. Hey There People of the Empire! Once Again I am Selling an Enraged Gaurdian Egg. I am Selling this egg for not 250k, nor 200k, but 95k!
    Prices are Negotiable, Please PM me Offers
    If you want proof of the Egg's Existence, it is in a Preview Chest on smp8 at /v AverageWalrus Egg

    EDIT-2 Left in Stock, Bumped Price down to 95k
  2. Bump, I have lowered the Price to 150k!
  3. Would you accept trades
  4. It Depends, what would you be trading?
  5. other promos
  6. Sold for 150k
  7. I have 2 in stock, Im trying to make a Deal right now, and the other could possibly go to ben
  8. 1 Egg has been sold to Ben, One egg Left, Waiting on BanditLM but if someone makes a Better Deal..
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