[ SELLING ] Anniversary Promo Horse (JUMP)

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  1. Selling the Jumping horse for 30k save 5 k from the empire store. Default Name: Saltar, Saddle included
    Please Visit SMP6 lot 12993
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  2. i will buy for it if you can hold it for 2-3 days
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  3. I can try
  4. i have 29,000 i can give you at the moment and then give you the 1k tomorrow or i could give you something like iron horse armor today
  5. Ill pay 32 k to let me buy it.
  6. If you can pay me it up front
  7. how many block can it jump?
  8. I was not talking to you. But my friend's can jump 6 blocks.
  9. i think 6
  10. They differ slightly. I have one speed promo horse that has 120% and another that has 130%.
  11. this one jumps 6