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  1. Right now I'm in the process of completing and starting several projects on EMC. I have a Skeleton grinder on SMP7 and I would like to sell it. I am going to sell it for no less than 5.5kr. It has a manual kill area, but it can also be automatic. There are several chests, an Ender Chest, 5 Workbenches, 2 Furnaces, and a Skeleton holding mechanism. If you are interested or have any questions, please PM me or send me a private message online (If I'm online).

    I also am looking for something the next level up: either a single or double Blaze spawner. It must be a good design and have an easy way to get XP. I will pay 15k for a single and 30k for a double. The grinder must have either automatic, or manual kill areas. Please PM me or contact me via Private Convo. on SMP7 (where I want it) if you are interested or have any questions.
    [Edit] Sorry, this shouldn't be in this forum.
    Thank You.
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  2. I think this thread should be moved to Products....
  3. You are not going to get a Double Blaze grinder for 30k, if it is premade then you are looking at paying 50 to 60k for a premade one, if is has not been tampered with then maybe you might get one for 30k if you are lucky. If i am wrong please correct me
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  4. Spawn Cages = 30-50k
    Materials = 10-20k
    Time Cost = 30-100k
    Total Cost Of A Dual Blaze : 70,000 - 170,000
  5. Wow i was far off, thanks for correcting me. :)
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  6. So I must bee getting a good deal for a dual zombie grinder for 5k. Woo.
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  7. Yeah, I'll take it. 6k ok?
  8. If you have a double blaze, please tell me. If but, please do not spam this thread. Thanks
  9. I'll do that. PM me when you are online SMP7. I'll show it to you and then you can pay me.
  10. I would still like a Double Blaze grinder. Please tell me if you would like to sell one. Just tell me a price and I'm sure I can work with it.
  11. And Why did you bump this???
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  12. I want to buy spawner
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  13. This was posted over 4 Months ago, And they might not even doing this anymore.
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  14. I'll sell a DBL blaze 150k. Etho's Design
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  15. I have 60k

  16. He already sold it.
    Might want to PM him. This thread might get locked soon :eek:
  17. I swore I had seen this thread before...

    *Sees date* Oh wow.. So old..
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  18. Not really to be honest. A Dual blaze is like tooons of redstone/pistons
    Zombie doesn't cost anything but 2 pickaxes, 2 buckets of water, a ton of signs (if the setup needs an elevator)