Selling an SMP5 Residence

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  1. Hi EMC! I'm no longer in need of my res now that /changeowner is now avaliable, so I'm selling it! It's almost brand new, one person would take about 5 minutes to clear it. It's up for 35k, not including the 25k fee. Make sure you're rich to buy this res. PM me offers on smp5 /msg theaustinx or reply to this thread. Thanks :)
  2. What makes this res special?
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  3. Yeah if it doesn't have some special location or number I'm afraid it's not worth very much lol.
  4. Is there something special about the res? All I can see is a box with teleports.
  5. Turn around to see the res.
  6. I'm only going to make a 10k profit from this. The fee for owner change is 25k alone so I need to make a little bit of money from it.
  7. I think what the above posters are talking about is that the residence is nothing special unless it has a special number/build/near significant event places, etc...

    If it does not have at least one of those 3 that makes the res stand out, it will be no different from any other res using /res open
  8. I understand that, but now that I've done res open lol I guess it really isn't worth anything. I suppose I'll just unclaim it.
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  9. Sorry to burst your bubble :/