[Selling] All these promos must go!

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  1. Roll up Roll up Ladies and Gents.

    All these promos below need to go! Clearing out some invent space.

    3 x Meteor Bow 11k each
    1 x Independence day 2015 Firework 10k each
    1 x Independence day 2014 Firework 12k each
    5 x New Years 2014 Empire Firework 10k each
    2 x Empire Firework 2015 10k each

    Please PM on forums or pm me in game to grab any of these and i'll mail them as soon as payments received!

    Also promo prices will be updated as well as stock, so watch the thread if you're interested in any!
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  2. I will take meteor bow and EMC firework 2015, that is 33K total
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  3. Pay me and i'll send it shy :)
  4. bump!
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  5. I will take the two cakes, but don't know when I can get on next :(
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  6. I can hold them for you if you want Sam? :)
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  7. I'll take the 9 stacks of cupid arrows :)
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  8. I have 8 stacks left. Still interested? If so pay over and I can mail them or arrange pickup :)
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  9. 8 stacks is fine :) it's 11:50pm here so I'm nearly asleep but I can pay in the morning if thats alright
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  10. No worries dude. Got them all saved now :)
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  11. Bump! More will be added to the list later today :)
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  12. Bump. New items added!
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  13. I take a meteor bow
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  14. Send the payment over and I shall mail it to you :)
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  15. Can I please have the cupid bow? Will pay when I get on in their morning ^_^
  16. payment done.
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  17. I believe i sold the last cupid just before I got off last night. Sorry :(

    Jumping on to mail it now :)
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  18. ok no worries ^^ thanks anyways
  19. Bump. All of these are set up on buy chests on my 2nd res!
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