[Selling] All my promos

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm gonna be selling all my promo's that I have left from my more active days on this server
    My activity at this point is basically 0 and I don't see myself ever being fully active again so I've decided to sell everything

    I don't know or care what the prices are for anything so make literally any offer and I'll probably accept it (As long as it sounds reasonable***)
    ***Lowball offers are 100% accepted, but don't expect me to sell the whole lot for 1r or anything like that

    Here's the full list of everything I'll be selling:
    Edit: I'll be deleting from the list as items get sold so hopefully the list is always at least sort of up to date

    2017 Birthday Cake x2
    2017 Birthday Cookie x4
    Can Opener (2018)
    Candy Cane Sword (2016)
    Cupid (2019)
    Cupid's Bow
    Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock
    Easter Bunny (2018) (Rabbit spawn egg)
    Emergency Snow Clearing Device x3
    Empire Firework (2016)
    Empire Firework (2017) x4
    Empire Firework (2018)
    Empire Firework (2019)
    Ender Blade
    Evergreen Sapling (x2)
    Feasting Fork (2020)
    Haunted Head x2
    Headless Horseman Mask
    Holiday Candle (2016) x4
    Independence Day Firework (2017)
    little sapling
    Lucky Rabbit's Foot
    Magical Eggcellent Wand x2
    Marlix's Bow
    Meteor Bow x3
    Pot of Gold x3
    Remembrance Poppy (2017) x2
    Stuffing Scooper (2017) x3
    Turkey Slicer
    Vixen (2017) x2

    If you have any questions or want to see pictures of any of the listings please don't hesitate to ask!

    Also please note that I may not see your comments immediately so be a little patient if I take a day or two to respond
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  2. We'll miss you Jay2a, but I understand that feeling. It's why I'm not too active on EMC myself, but we must all grow up at some point, yeah? :)

    (If you do not recognize my current username, perhaps you'll recognize my "IsaacNorman" username instead?)
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  3. Always sad to see longtime players go, all the best for the future jay2.

    Sending a pm
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  4. 30.000 r for the scoba mask almost put 300.000
  5. friendships blossom 20.000r
  6. minecon eart 't shirt 30k a pice
    litle tree 7k
    a vissen from s Nicolas 6k
    il take all empire wafels for 60k
  7. egg selent want for 1 i can pay 12k
    for 2016 fire work 10k 2017 10kcupit bow 15k cupit 2018 15k 2019 15k
  8. birday cookie 2017 il buy 1 for 20k choclaye bunny 15k decleration of independent rilly want 1 so 29k
  9. valentine 20k valentine gift box 1 for 13k
  10. 1 omnous 24.969
  11. Really are low balling absolutely everything xD
  12. More like getting a good deal on absolutely everything amirite?

    Just need to verify your order, expect a DM from me shortly
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  13. Can't argue with that. I know we've never met in game, but I hope for the best for you and your next journey :)
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  14. Candy Cane Sword (2016) x1 20k
    Chocolate Bunny 1x 12.019

    Easter Bunny (2018) (Rabbit spawn egg) 19k
    Emergency Snow Clearing Device x1 15k
    Empire Firework (2016) x1 10k
    Empire Firework (2017) x1 10k
    Empire Firework (2018 x1 10k

    Feasting Fork (2020) 10k

    Haunted Head 1x 15k
    Headless Horseman Mask 15k
    Holiday Axe (2017) 1x 10k
    Holiday Candle (2016) x1 10k
    Independence Day Firework (2017) 10k
    Krysyy's Head (PPP 2019) 100k
    little sapling 5k
    Lucky Rabbit's Foot 25k

    Minecon Earth Hat (2018) 15k

    Mineral Mincer 20k

    Remembrance Poppy (2016) 1x 10k
    Remembrance Poppy (2017) 1x 10k
    Santa's Magic Bag (2017) 1x 10k

    Stuffing Scooper (2017) x3 15k

    Vixen (2017) x1 30k

    shut be like 406.000r of my calculations ar rigt
  15. suces with new server waht servers playing now a days or u stoped with minecraft
  16. Do you still have the Minecon Earth items? I'll take both of them as a set for 150k if you still do :)

    There are a few other items I'm interested in too, and will send a DM later today.
  17. For the most part I just don't play a lot of Minecraft in general any more. I do have a small server with my friends that I'll play on sometimes but that's about it
    Yeah I still remember you :p I don't think we ever interacted much but I've seen your name around a whole bunch
    Even now it's hard to say this is goodbye forever. I've been on EMC on and off for the past 11 (!!) years. It's hard to entirely forget something that's been such a big part of my life for so long

    I don't think I'll officially be making a goodbye thread, but I also don't think it's worth it to hoard all this valuable stuff any more
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  18. Yeah, don't give up on EMC and say goodbye forever. When your hunkered down in your favorite couch many years from now, pick up your reading glasses, hearing aide and log on. A lot of us will still be here. I have at least another 30 good years before my fingers fall off so pop in before then. Hey, by then, it might all be virtual.
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  19. Candy Cane Sword, would you take 10,000?
    And lucky rabbits foot for 10,000?