[ SELLING ] All My Promo's

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  1. 4x 2014 Turkey Slicers (43k)
    7x Feast For A King (27.5k)
    1x Blizz Ard Nose (Offers)SOLD!
    1x Avalauncher (330k) SOLD!
    1x ESCD Emergency Snow Clearing Device (25k)
    84x Cooked Turkey (900r) SOLD!
    2x Holiday Candle (5k)
    1x Headless Horseman Mask (19.5k) SOLD!
    2x 2014 Empire Firework (15k)
    1x Lucky Bow (32k) SOLD!
    1x Freedom Blade (23k) SOLD!
    1x Holiday Pick (70k)
    2x Unspawned Dancer Promo Horses (20k)SOLD!
    1x 2014 labor bench (28k) SOLD!

    All Prices Are Negotiable.
  2. I'll buy all the cooked turkeys for 20k for all 84
  3. could u go 30k for all 84 cooked turkeys? :)
  4. 21k is the best I can do
  5. Sorry I got a better price, I sold them :eek:
  6. Can I reserve the freedom blade. Ill pay when I get home tonight. Sorta at work ATM
  7. Sure!
  8. Ill take 1 holiday candle :)
  9. ok :)
  10. I'll buy one ESCD ^_^
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  11. paid
  12. Sending now! :)
  13. Sent =P
  14. Final bump before I make an auction for all the remaining promo's :)