[Selling] All horse breeds @8058(SMP4) Horse Ranch! (Ordering Service Available)

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  1. Greetings from the 8058 Horse Ranch!

    Come visit the Ranch! I currently stock every breed of horse (as far as I'm aware) as well as donkeys and mules. And, even better, the Ranch is now automated for selling meaning you don't have to catch me there in order to buy yourself some horses. But if I'm there feel free to say hi!

    ABOUT OUR HORSES (for all our breeds see the bottom of the post)
    I have lots of horses with varied stats. Speed freak? Then choose from my 100+ range. Low on rupees? Then try the bargain chest for random breed, random stat horses. ALL my horses are sold by [slot] shop so you will see exactly what you're getting before confirming the purchase! You should be able to buy multiples of the same breed if they're in stock. There've been no issues thus far but any technical difficulties buying from the shop please let me know by PM in game or private conversation on the forum.

    Coming to the ranch and handpicking your horses is always the quickest option but if you want to purchase 5 or more horses you can also use the ordering service. You choose your selection of horse breeds (see below) and when your order is ready and paid for you can collect the order from an access chest at the ranch. Prefer delivery? free to SMP4 or 20r elsewhere and you will need to have an access chest set up. Free delivery on all orders of over 10 horses and 1 free 100+ horse (random breed) given for every 10 extra horses ordered (e.g 1 for 20 horses, 2 for 30 etc.)
    To place an order post it on this thread in the same format as this example:

    I would like to order:
    1 x Black white dots
    2 x Chestnut none
    5 x Donkey
    3 x Brown Black Dots 100+
    Delivery to 1701 SMP1
    (if you are not bothered WHICH horses are fast you can write down the breeds then say 3/10 to be 100+)

    I will let you know if I can take your order (usually should be able to) and the price. If you want to ask questions about your order once placed please feel free to start a private conversation with me.

    At the ranch, the prices are on the signs. Prices will usually be the same as the ordering service price but there may be discounts or combo deals so check out the ranch :). Ordering service is 100r per horse (though may negotiate for large orders). 100+ speed horses are 150r per horse (110+ speed horses may be included in your order of 100+ for no extra charge but will cost 220r per horse if you ask for 110+ specifically).

    We currently stock:
    Dark Brown

    Available with any of these patterns:
    None Solid colour
    Black Dots Back covered in small black dots
    White Dots Medium white dots all over horse
    Whitefield Large white patches all over horse
    White Legs are white and large white 'inverted T' on head

    Hoping to see/hear from you soon!
    Cinnamonyoshi :)
    First 2 people to put in a valid order will get a saddle and 110+ speed horse free with their order!
    EDIT Just to be clear, the ordering service is for orders of 10 or more horses. If people will use the service more if I take smaller orders I might change this but this deal will still be for the first two to order 10 or more
    EDIT Now taking orders of 5 or more but this deal is for the first two people to order 10 or more
  3. Is there such thing as a chestnut whitefield?
  4. There is indeed a chestnut whitefield. All colours come in all the patterns :)
  5. Available for a limited time only is the 10 horse grab bag! 450r for a random selection of 80-95 speed horses! Grab bags do not qualify for the special offers.

    Big thanks to those who have so far visited the ranch in person especially those who made a cross-server journey to do so :)
  6. I'd like to order:
    1x chestnut whitefield 100+
    1x chestnut none
    1x chestnut white
    +20r for vault
    Pickup at 1973, SMP1
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  7. Thx for filling out the order form in correct format. This is not actually a valid order as it's 10 horses or more for order service (so you don't qualify for the introductory offer unless you order 7 more horses) but since you're my first forum customer I will do the order :) And you can have a free 100+ donkey :)

    Your order is in stock, the total will be 520r. I will deliver within 24 hrs of payment being made
  8. Now the order service takes orders for 5 or more horses!
  9. Yoshi,
    Keep up the good work, you have the best horse shop I have seen.

    Thanks for providing such a good service to smp4 and EMC!
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  10. once i get a donkey, my life will be complete.
    Can I buy a donkey if you are selling one??
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  11. Of course! I have lots of donkeys in stock just come visit me at 8058! (Smp4). I'm there right now :)
  12. Your order has been delivered to your access chest. Thanks for your custom!
  13. ok ill be on later in like 3 hours :)
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  14. The ranch still sells when I'm not there but hopefully ill still be on to say hi :)
  15. I love your horse farm omg, i just bought like 10 horses :D
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  16. Thanks cute! Come back anytime!
  17. Hi! Just wanted to give my thanks to my customers, to the awesome ppl who have made such kind comments about the ranch and to those amazing individuals who have even referred other players looking for horses (some of whom don't even live on SMP4)! I wondered if it was worth automating sales at the ranch since I didnt think anyone would visit when I wasn't around to promote the ranch but thanks to you all I'm glad I did! You all rock!

    If you've not visited yet then stop on by! 8058 ranch still has a great selection of horses for sale!
  18. Do you do jump horses as well?
    I'm looking for a plain white horse, no spots or anything, with at least 80 jump.
  19. I know I have some decent jump horses around 80 but I keep them ordered by speed (might start a jump horse chest tho) so ill need to find them. If you want to order the plain white horse Ill let you know after I check next time I'm on.

    Won't be near my computer til tomorrow so Ill check then.
  20. I have a white whitefield horse if that's any good to you?