[Selling] All Enchants

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  1. Update: All books have been given out

    Smite V
    Smite IV
    Smite III
    Smite II
    Smite I
    Fortune III
    Fortune II
    Fortune I
    Unbreaking III
    Unbreaking II
    Unbreaking I
    Silk Touch I
    Efficiency V
    Efficiency IV
    Efficiency III
    Efficiency II
    Efficiency I
    Sharpness V
    Sharpness IV
    Sharpness III
    Sharpness II
    Sharpness I
    Feather Falling IV
    Feather Falling III
    Feather Falling II
    Feather Falling I
    Knockback II
    Knockback I
    Looting III
    Looting II
    Looting I
    Bane of Arthropods V
    Bane of Arthropods IV
    Bane of Arthropods III
    Bane of Arthropods II
    Bane of Arthropods I
    Flame I
    Punch II
    Punch I
    Fire Aspect II
    Fire Aspect I
    Respiration III
    Respiration II
    Respiration I
    Aqua Affinity I
    Infinity I
    Power V
    Power IV
    Power III
    Power II
    Power I
    Thorns III
    Thorns II
    Thorns I
    Protection IV
    Protection III
    Protection II
    Protection I
    Fire Protection IV
    Fire Protection III
    Fire Protection II
    Fire Protection I
    Blast Protection IV
    Blast Protection III
    Blast Protection II
    Blast Protection I
    Projectile Protection IV
    Projectile Protection III
    Projectile Protection II
    Projectile Protection I
  2. Dang, I wanted those Unb III's
  3. idk if you're able to combine enchant books - but if you can - i could always sell you the unb 2 and the two unb 1 - for a similar price to the unb 3 - together i think they'd make unb 3, so not sure :)
  4. Nah, but if you get some in the near future ill take em.
  5. I think the two 1's combine to make a 2 and the both of those will combine into a 3 :)

    I'm interested in the infinity I's, would you do a discount if I bought them all?
  6. How much are you selling them at?
    I might look into buying some. :)
  7. I think we can work something out, yes :)

    It all depends - i'm able to negotiate prices :p
  8. All of my books have been asked for- only ones left to be bought are the 13 infinity books that Haro asked for

    -Inuy, i'll make out a deal with you next time we chat in game or on mumble
  9. I'll PM you and we can negotiate/hopefully work something out :)
  10. Everything has been sold and given out :D