[Selling] All EMC Limited Edition Tools for 45k

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  1. Once I have made a deal with someone, I will not be selling anymore.

    EDIT: Price lowered to 35k!
    I'll be selling 4 EMC limited edition tools. The only way to get these tools are off of other players, and they sold for 6k in the beginning. The prices have almost doubled since then. The items are at 8429, smp4. Here's what you get for 45K:

    (Diamond Sword) Flaming Mob Launcher: Unbreaking III, Knockback VI, Fire Aspect IV

    (Diamond Shovel) Turfinator: Unbreaking III, Efficiency VI, Silk Touch I

    (Diamond Axe) Everlasting Axestopper: Unbreaking IV, Efficiency V

    (Diamond Pickaxe) Ore Buster: Unbreaking III, Fortune V, Efficiency VI

    Thank you! Post down below if you want to buy. :)
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  2. bump every 3 hours please
  3. for products/business threads it is every 6 hours :p
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  4. -Cough- Almost doubled:eek:? The Price of each of these tools is at LEAST 75k:confused:
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  5. Alone? No they aren't or at least no sane person would pay 75k for just one of these...
  6. I added that as a suggestion, it should really be longer :)
  7. So I can bump this all I want?
  8. As long as it is 6 hours after last post :)
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  9. Oops, sorry, I read Alex's post wrong xD
    I shall remain silent for the next 6 hours. :)
  10. Startttttttttting............................Now :p
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  11. Bump: Would anyone like to buy these for 45k?
  12. I would if I had 45k to spare:(
  13. Bump - Just for people to know, here's how much each item costs:
    Flaming Mob Launcher: 11k
    Turfinator: 11k
    Everlasting Axestopper: 11k
    Ore Buster: 12k (It has the highest price because of the fortune V)
  14. Can i bid on just the flaming mob launcher?
  15. Sorry, I'm selling every tool at once.
  16. Price lowered to 35k!
    After tomorrow, I won't be selling anymore.