[Selling] Aiker Heads #1, #2, and #3

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  1. Want to own an ultra rare head?

    Purchase an Aiker head today! There are only and will only ever be three of them.

    #1 Owner: AverageWalrus
    #2 Owner: (Reserved for Dufne)
    #3 Owner: Open!

    Selling Price: 25,000 Each

    Please keep in mind that this product is only for serious collectors.

    Get your authentic Aiker head today!
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  2. I'll buy one once I can log on
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  3. i dont need it...I dont need it.....i definatley dont need it...

  4. #2 Reserved for Dufne, #3 is the last up for sale!
  5. Who managed to buy one before I replied to the thread? :confused:
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  6. Average bought the first in-game.
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  7. Reserved 3rd!
  8. I wil take the third for 5K :)

    well I just saw the OP, oh well xP
  9. Ok never mind, I would no longer like to purchase now that you'll be getting a name change.
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  10. Since nobdy wants it (anymore), I'd like to reserve a slot for third please :)
  11. His name is getting forcibly changed soon. Just a warning.
  12. I don't think it will have an impact on the head since the name was given to it prior to the name change
  13. The head's still have the original name.
  14. No they don't.....
  15. I would love to have one
  16. Coming on to give the payment
  17. Once a player change names the name on the head changes.
  18. Name hasn't changed yet. Look at Krysyy's blue heads. They all say Krysyy. Not Krysyyjane9191. I know you think you're right, but you're not.
  19. I understand that there is the risk of the name change, but who doesn't want a derpy blue Aiker head?!
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