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  1. Have you been looking for new costumers for your business, but you just can't find any? Well guess what. I have the PERFECT solution. Just buy some ad space in the Empire Times newspaper. This last edition we sold 37 copies! That means by placing one ad in my paper you could have 37 new costumers at your shop!
    Another great thing is that it is ridiculously cheap. at only 15r a line (per line in a minecraft book) you could net hundreds of rupees. Its a great investment. To buy ad space comment below or personal message me.
  2. I would like the following ad (it's 4 lines - I already checked in-game):

    Igloo Inc. Map Art
    by supereskimo:
    In-game art that goes
    where you go!

    I'll pay you 60r as soon as I can log on.