Selling A Used Saltar

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  1. Hey everyone!

    I'm just posting to say that i'm selling a used Saltar. Any offers?
  2. Post the stats and I may offer
  3. Sorry I just sold it
  4. Sorry but someone just payed not wanting the stats
  5. Well perhaps these gentlemen would have paid more when they heard the stats?
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  6. My thoughts exactly :)
  7. yep
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  8. Sorry it had already been spawned twise
  9. How much would you of paid?
  10. by stats we mean like we know speed 130 (or something) and other stats: jump and health and so on
  11. Yeah I wanted to know speed and health I could have paid over 10k depending on stats
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  12. This. I sold a saltar with 126 speed for 60k yesterday lol

    If the stats are terrible you'd get like 5k, if the stats represent a god horse you'd get like what I sold mine for.
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