Selling a ton of Promos!

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  1. As some of you may have saw in my last auction that got cancelled, I had a lot of promos to sell and some of you wanted to buy some, so here they are.

    2x Independence Helmet SOLD
    2x Independence Chest SOLD
    2x Independence Pants SOLD
    2x Independence Boots SOLD
    3x ESCD ( Emergency Snow Clearing Device ) SOLD
    3x Dancer SOLD
    3x Holiday Candle SOLD
    1x 2014 Birthday Cake
    1x Dragon Stone
    1x Purple Aikar Head SOLD
    1x 2013 Independence Firework
    17x 2014 Independence Firework
    1x Headless Horseman Mask
    6x 2014 Labor Bench
    2x Cupid Bow SOLD
    1x Lucky Bow SOLD
    1x Marlix Bow
    2x Magical Eggcellent Wand SOLD
    8x Freedom Blade

    I have no set prices for this list, so I'm open to offers.
    Leave the offers in the comments.
  2. How much for dancers
  3. My brain...
    I said leave an offer, not ask.
  4. 40k for Marlix Bow
  5. Most resent selling for the Marlix Bow went for 111k, I will reject that offer.
  6. Sold 1 set of I-Day Armour and a Freedom Blade!
  7. Are you kidding me. They aren't worth anywhere near that much.
  8. Congratulations BrenJone! You have won the auction with 111k I see you have already paid so I will mail you the Marlix Bow :)
    - Latest Marlix Bow auction.
  9. Purple aikar head?
  10. Send me a PM Pat, already got an offer of 120k and another of items, waiting to be told of.
  11. Wow he overpaid. If they are worth that much, I would be millionaire xD
  12. Sending offers in PM.
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  13. 20k for dancer
  14. 12,500r for Freedom Blade?
  15. The post has been edited to what is left!
    Please take another look and re-send your PM's to me.