[SELLING] a stack of emerald ore

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  1. Hey everyone, I wanted to sell 1 stack (64 units) of emerald ore. Not to be confused with emeralds or emerald blocks. This stuff is only found 5,000 blocks outside of the wild in newly generated mountain terrain. I am looking for 18,0000 rupees (around 280 ea).

    You can find this for purchase @ 14095 (smp7). :)

    EDIT: lowered the price.

  2. Well if you could at least say what you WOULD pay for a stack, that would be helpful.
  3. i will pay you 240r per ore, anymore than that and i could go out and mine it myself. if you're interested in selling them to me ill be on smp 8 16612
  4. I have lowered the price to 18,000 for the stack. that's around 280 rupees each.
  5. 16k and we have a deal
  6. amazing offer
  7. Pleasure doing business with you Andy, a worth while purchase if you want an incredible residence. THREAD CLOSED
  8. Only a mod can close a thread. You can request it to be closed if you really want it to.
  9. Eh, I was just trying to say that it has been sold... I was not trying to pretend to be a mod or anything >.> give me a break.
  10. I know... some people think they can close threads by words