Selling a SMP7 wild base!

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  1. I am selling a un-used wild base of mine on SMP7. From what ICC, I can only really sell this in a PM. The base is on a small jungle island pretty far out in the SMP7 wild. Near the island is a small swamp biome, and the main land. Here are some pictures.

    Why is there no pictures of the insides? Its up to you to find out! ;) Its not a burned out shell, so don't worry! The base has three houses (A tree house, a church looking house, and mine, a small little hut.) a mob spawner and a Nether portal. It also has a fridge and a small little pet house. (It was made for a cat, so it might not fit a dog.) It has a small mine near the the crap shack (My house) and also another one near the swamp island. I had two others living their, but Brandop123, has been perm banned, and Paszcza, has switched to another account, and is taking time off of EMC, has told me I could sell it. Paszcza says that 10K would be a good starting price, but I want to know what you think I should set it at! :) Thanks for reading! :D :)
  2. did you ask ICC directly? because i heard that selling coordinates isnt allowed anymore
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  3. Yes, though a PM. He said that publicly is not allowed, but though a PM.
  4. I have one person who wants to buy it. Anyone else?