Selling a skeleton spawner (grinder) And spider (grinder) No weapons need.

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  1. I got a skeleton spawner to sell cuz i got a new spawner.You don't need any weapons.And it's also a spider dungeon (grinder) to within 50 away or something in a Deep hold near the skeleton spawner
    But there you need weapons in the spider one
    So first offer is then 9k For both. If someone offer 15k and you want it to just offer more then
    him/her :D
    I send the coords in a convertion on the website then it's sold But He/her need to pay me first to get the coords you find me on smp5 /v 10105
  2. You have you show pictures to proof that its a grinder and it works. Its not worth 15k.
  3. Well my pc Don't got more space. LOL!!!But it IS working fine.
  4. Then probably nobody is gonna buy it. And its against the rules i heard to sell it without pics? Someone correct me if im wrong.
  5. Ok hold on i gona try