[selling!]A single MARLIX BOW.

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  1. I am looking for offers between 70 and 80k. Pm me.
  2. Post a screen shot of the bow please so I know if this is for real
  3. Ok. I can garuntee it is real, but I will have to wait till tonight to get the screenshot.
  4. Why? if your on your computor now why cant you get a screen shot?
  5. he might be on his phone/ipad
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  6. I don't do emc forums on te computer. I only do it on my ipod.
  7. Nice but I dont have 70k :/ sorry I hope you find somone who can buy it
  8. FYI this bow is worth 12k the most.
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  9. id probly pay about 15k for it
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  10. kev said he ushually sells em for 50-60k.
  11. Kev as in me? The highest business transaction including a Marlix bow I have been included in was a super duper...

  12. Maybe it wasn't you. It was someone on smp2 last night. : P
  13. Worth alot more than 15k but alot less than 80k. Look for somewhere in the middle :)
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  14. I'd give you 18,000 rupees for it.
  15. I am definitely not going below 40k.
  16. they are considerably more common now then they were before, the minibossacolypse that was a day ago released atleast 6 into the market
  17. Lol everyone keeps saying "Oh yeah I can get them for 7-15k" Well if you can, stop trying to bargain here and go buy them for that price where ever you get them. Like seriously, A marlix bow to me is 50-60k. I'd like to see those offering 5k for them try to go and get one and see the challenge for themselves, not to mention the marlix doesn't have a 100% drop rate. Rant over.
  18. i never said i could get it that cheap, but if i was going to pay for it thats as much as im willing to pay. even less for a toothpick these days. the drop rates were messed with i think cause ive gotten some kind of special drop per marlix ive killed since that last update.