selling a silk touch pick for 8k will throw in 4 free diamonds

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  1. please buy this stupid thing i cant get rid of it and i paid 8.5k for it please buy thanks
  2. Why not use it and earn your money back :)
  3. becaus i dont need it
  4. I was just pointing out that if you can not sell it you have other money making options!
  5. Is it just silk touch or are there other enchants ?
  6. just silk touch and im sorry but i sold it
  9. i understood what you meant i just dont wanna waste my time
  10. It is your pick to do what you want with. Was just trying to be helpful. It seems silly to me that you think mining is a waste of time in "Minecraft". If you don't enjoy 50% of the game, then my new recommendation is to give the game up and play with Legos instead.
  11. i love my new silk touch, ty very much asasin
  12. no i meant the whole getting blocks that you normally cant is a waste just buy the block you need
  13. yourr very welcome
  14. And the person you bought it for at a decently high price, how do you think they got it? :)

    Using ST makes you a supplier of those blocks. You could very easily make 8k rupees back on diamond ores, redstone ores, coal ores, lapis ores etc.
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  15. i know i could have but that would take time and i needed to get my money back fast becaus i needed to get my shop going and ive made my money back in enchanted armor i sold it for 7k with a full set of diamond enchanted armor
    so i got it all covored :)
  16. lol, that armor set i made u made me jelous
  17. i have survived like 5 times in the wilderness with it and its still on green im so exited i just can hide it lol