[Selling] A little piece of my promo collection

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  1. As you may understand I will be selling of a few promos. I got a lot more that I may update on this thread for people to grab! :)
    If something interest you, send me PM and we can arrange a price!
    (Everything is unused if nothing else is stated)

    2x Vixen
    2x Prancer
    2x Dasher
    1x Labor Bench 2015
    2x 1x Labor Bench 2016
    2x Candy Cane Sword
    2x Headless Horseman Mask 2015
    3x Liberty Sword
    1x Declaration of Independence
    2x Lucky Rabbit's Foot
    2x Valentine 2018
    2x Omneoss
    2x Trick-or-Treat Bundle
    1x Dragon Poop
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  2. cAn I c tEh pOo PoO iN gAmE

    please :D
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