[SELLING] A few Promos

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  1. Hello to all who are interested!
    Here's what I got for sale:

    -Magical Egg-Salent Wand 15k
    -Cupid bow (Unbreaking III still equipped) 30k
    -1 set of unused new Starter Gear 18k
    -1 Blizz Ard Eye 65k
    -1 Turkey Slicer 50k
    -1 Meteor bow 30k

    Well, these are my prices. If you are interested, please post here instead of PMing, as to prevent somebody getting lost in the conversations. ^_^
  2. Any takers? I've added an item ^_^

  3. /I might be interested in the egg-celent wand. Do you have any pots of gold?
  4. Just a question, are Turkey Slicers really worth 75k? (I'm not good at price estimation)
  5. I'll take that starter gear off your hands. -dibs
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  6. Sadly, I do not, but the wand is ready to go lol.

    Honestly, I'm not sure. I've seen them go for higher, but idk.

    Aaaand, I will let ya buy the set ^_^

    I will be on in, say, half an hour. I got some stuff to take care of.
  7. alright pm me in game (im on rn) where you wanna meet
  8. currently on smp3 if not, my home is smp8
  9. I am now logging into my Minecraft!
  10. okay sorry didn't realize who you were. (super tired and the lag didn't help) really sorry.
  11. It's okay. I'm here now, if you still wanna buy the wand.
  12. just logged off give me a min... XD
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  13. I had to hit the sack - But I'm back up now, any chance you are still around ?
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  14. I wish I was, but I'm currently at work again. Gotta love when they schedule you to close and then open the next morning. I'll tell you what, if you want to, go ahead and pay me in full and I'll mail it to ya as soon as I get home. Sound good to you?
  15. Starter set is now out. Currently on mobile, so can't strike it out lol.