[Selling] A few promos

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  1. For sale:
    Cupid Bow x3 17k each
    Lucky Bow x1 120k
    Pot of Gold x3 36k each
    Dancer (unused, still shiny) x1 65k
    Freedom Blade (dark red or light red, I have both and you can pick) x1 65k
    Full set of independence armor (as a whole or individually) x1 150k a piece/570k for the lot
    Holiday Candle x2 18k each
    Maxarian Head x1 25k
    Blizz Ard Nose x3 200k each

    I also have an Aikar 12/23/13 drop party head I could be probably be persuaded to part with for an exorbitant sum. PM me about that if you want it. Otherwise, post below with what you want!
  2. What? What's that over there? Why, I do believe it's a bump!
  3. Maxarian head! I'm dying for one of those :p I'll pay tonight since I'm away right now.
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  4. Bump. Stock updated. The holidays are coming up, and a Blizz Ard nose is the perfect thing for your Minecraft winter holiday of choice :)
  5. Bump! Still got lots of these hot spicy promos for sale.