[Selling] A Few Promos

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  1. For Sale
    (1) Ham Hacker - 35k per
    (2) Headless Horseman Mask - 25k per
    (2) Holiday Candle - 9k per
    (2) Dancer - 40k per
    (84) Cooked Turkey - 5k per

    How to Order
    Post here with the items you want, pay me, and I'll mail them to you. Simple as that.

    - PenguinDJ
  2. I'll take both Headless Horsemen. :)

    Edit: Paid
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  3. I have messaged you about the Candles :)
  4. Thanks, mailed.
  5. Ill take the candles
  6. Sorry, they're already sold.
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  7. I'd like a cooked turkey please :p
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  8. Go to 18824 :)
  9. You can't advertise your shop on other people's threads like that, if you want to tell Nighthawk about your shop then please do it via PM next time!
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  10. Oh whoops didnt even relised this wasnt my selling a few promos thread hahah sorry hahaha
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  11. Sent, please pay the 5k.
  12. Paid it approximately 2 minutes and 11 seconds ago. :) Thank you
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